Commission adopts new ETS Union Registry Regulation for Fit for 55


This draft delegated act was published on the Have Your Say Portal for a four-week stakeholder feedback period.

The revised ETS Directive has introduced changes which needed to be reflected in the Union Registry. The main new elements in the Union Registry Regulation to reflect these changes are the following:

  • Amendments related to the extension of scope of ETS to cover maritime transport as of 2024, including the rules and tools for maritime operators to enroll in the Union Registry for their ETS compliance;
  • Amendments related to the new and separate emissions trading system for buildings, road transport and other sectors as of 2027, includingthe rules and tools for regulated entities to enroll in the Union Registry for their ETS compliance;
  • Amendments to reflect the changes of compliance date in EU ETS Directive for operators to surrender allowances;
  • Amendments related to the transparency and the integrity of the European carbon market, including the mandatory marking in the Union Registry of bilateraltransactions of emission allowances, in order to improve market monitoring.
  • Introduction of some elements of simplification such as:
    • Ensuring the full fungibility of general and aviation allowances as of 2025;
    • Preventing the transfer of free allocations to non-compliant installations and aircraft operators.

The adopted Delegated Regulation is now submitted to the European Parliament and Council for scrutiny. Provided that these institutions do not raise any objections within two months, it will be published in the Official Journal and enter into force by the end of the year.

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