Commemoration of the July 11, 2021 Protests in Cuba

Human Rights

Today we reflect upon the courage and resilience of the Cuban people who, on July 11, 2021 and the days that followed, bravely took to the streets to demand respect for their human rights and fundamental freedoms.  Tens of thousands of voices rose in unison, echoing a profound call for change, justice, and a government that listens to its citizens.

Three long years later, nearly 700 individuals remain unjustly detained in Cuba due to their participation in these historic, overwhelmingly peaceful protests.  We reiterate our call for their immediate and unconditional release, as well as for the release of all political prisoners detained in Cuba.  The Cuban people will not be silenced, and neither will our commitment to stand by them in their pursuit of a brighter, freer future.  Our message to the Cuban government is unequivocal:  the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms is non-negotiable.

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