Collaboration Football Beer Branding : Carling Emirates FA Cup

The Carling Emirates FA Cup branding has been announced as a new packaging design for the beer brand in the UK to help get fans excited for the football season. The branding includes the beer’s signature logo and information, but is also accented by the Emirates FA Cup trophy alongside cheering fans and the Wembley arch to give it a sports fan-focused profile. The beer packaging will make its debut starting in October to help build excitement for the tournament, and will be supported by in-store point of sale (POS) materials like football-themed graphics and more.

Brand Director at Molson Coors Beverage Company Lee Willett spoke on the Carling Emirates FA Cup branding saying, “Sporting occasions are a massive opportunity for our customers to drive sales and many fans will have each round of the FA Cup earmarked in their calendars. This limited-edition packaging will help retailers build on this excitement and inspire more purchases from excited football fans planning to watch the games with their friends and family.”

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