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Do you have a startup idea involving IoT, AI, or other Industry 4.0 technologies? Next Big Thing (NBT) gives you a chance to co-found your solution with runway capital, top-tier talent, hands-on support, industry partners, and more. Apply by 15th January.

Next Big Thing AG is a leading venture studio and technology provider that accelerates the world’s transition toward the Machine Economy. It helps to build new companies as well as scale existing ones. This time, NBT is calling for innovators to participate in its NBT Visionaries Incubation Program to co-found their technology company.

Join NBT in Building the Future of the Machine Economy

NBT predicts that by 2025, the world will have more than 40 billion interconnected devices, including almost every object around us, such as streetlights, cars, and thermostats, among others. Moreover, by 2030, the AI market is projected to grow by 13 times with a CAGR of 38%. NBT is actively working to contribute its part in this digital transformation through:

  • Empowering Innovation: ​​NBT enables people and organizations throughout the economy and society to participate in innovation to provide new ideas, knowledge, and capabilities. With its platform, it turns people into successful founders and enables organizations to become B2B innovators.
  • Making Technology Accessible: NBT works to make it easier for everyone to access and use technology and navigate the digital world. Connectivity improves lives daily, and the Machine Economy will be the next step — from democratized access to healthcare to the augmentation of human abilities.
  • Pioneering a Sustainable Future: NBT promotes sustainable thinking and development to pave the way toward climate neutrality, provide technology, and support venture builders to positively impact the economy and the world following the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Why Join the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program?

The NBT Visionaries Incubation Program will help you navigate the tech startup idea maze, provide resources to accelerate concept validation, invest starting capital, and build your next-generation business model with multiple in-house experts. What do you stand to gain from joining the NBT program?

  • €125k as initial runway capital (at incorporation)
  • 9-12 months of hands-on support from the NBT venture studio, product, design & tech team (service hours worth up to €1.6M)
  • Up to €500k in total investment, available through institutional seed rounds
  • Higher chances of securing further investment rounds

Should You Apply for the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program?

NBT Visionaries Incubation Program is giving you a chance to turn your new IoT and AI-powered business models into reality if you have a startup idea involving, but not limited to, the following focus areas:

  • Digital Excellence in Industrial Manufacturing: Are you envisioning empowering global manufacturing and industrial companies to streamline, simplify, digitize, and/or automate their production and service organization? NBT Visionaries seeks smart solutions for:
    • Connected manufacturing & Industry 4.0
    • Real-time robotic control & production automation
    • Digital knowledge management & operator support
    • Digital after-sales
  • Smart & Connected Energy: Do you have an idea for data-driven technologies and smart services to enable efficient generation, distribution, and consumption of renewable energy? Work with NBT to digitize, simplify and automate the energy system to create an economic, sustainable, and secure energy future. NBT Visionaries is looking for founders to build sustainable solutions for:
    • Enablement of green energy generation
    • Predictive & AI-driven surveillance, maintenance & automation
    • Decentralized energy systems
    • Off-grid energy solutions
  • Digitalizing Real Estate & Infrastructure: Do you have an idea for data-driven technologies and smart services to enable efficient generation, distribution, and consumption of renewable energy? Work with NBT to digitize, simplify and automate the energy system to create an economic, sustainable, and secure energy future. Specifically, NBT is looking for solutions that address:
    • Building and asset health monitoring
    • Digital real estate management
    • Connected buildings & system infrastructure operations
  • Future of Warehousing & Supply Chains: Are you ready to build digital and sustainable solutions for inter- and intralogistics to provide transparency, connectivity, efficiency, and stability in industrial warehousing and global supply chains? NBT is looking for founders building smart solutions in areas such as:
    • Smart warehousing & inventory management
    • Supply chain transparency & visibility
    • Supply chain resilience & risk management
    • Digitally-enabled freight management
    • Fleet tracking & monitoring

Structure of the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program

  • Deep Dive — Define your industry challenge and conduct rigorous, in-depth market and user research.
  • Idea Validation — Derive insights from interviews to develop, refine, and execute various tests to validate the future direction of your idea.
  • Business Model — Develop a sustainable, transparent B2B tech business model and company vision based on your feedback from potential customers.
  • Rapid Prototyping — Define your go-to-market strategy and product roadmap to verify the viability of your prototypes using different evaluation methods.
  • Financial Modeling — Create a detailed financial model for your venture that investors can trust.
  • Demo Day — Pitch in front of the NBT Investment Committee and secure your first funding. If you are successful, you will have the chance to get financing of up to €125k, while gaining access to NBT’s stellar network.

Timeline of the NBT Visionaries Incubation Program

Applications are now open!

The last date for submitting applications is 15th January 2023!

The venture-building process will take place in 3 steps:

  • NBT Visionaries (3 months) — this includes prototyping & testing and signed LOIs
  • NBT Ventures (24 months) — in this stage you get MVP, MMP, GTM strategy
  • NBT Portfolio (12 months) — you receive the IP, HW certification, and fundraising


NBT can be your dream co-founder! Besides technical and financial support, it serves as a continuous thought partner as you prepare to launch your technology company.

Ready to build your innovative solution with NBT Visionaries? Apply today!




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