Cheddar Cheese & Marmite Sandwich

The Cheddar Cheese & Marmite Sandwich is making its way to Marks & Spencer locations in the UK to provide shoppers with a deliciously savory option to enjoy this season. Available now at participating locations, the sandwich starts off with vitamin D-enriched white bread before being paired with a Marmite cream cheese spread and Marks & Spencer’s signature British farmhouse cheddar cheese. The sandwich is being offered as a convenient version of the lunchtime staple and is priced at just £2 to make it a cost-effective option for shoppers to pick up.

UKI Licensing Manager Melissa Wimble spoke on the Cheddar Cheese & Marmite Sandwich saying, “We have a track record of creating disruptive and delicious Marmite products with Marks & Spencer, and we can’t wait for shoppers to take a bite of the new Cheddar Cheese and Marmite Skillet Sandwich. Marks & Spencer sandwiches rate number one on quality[1] and this already popular at home sandwich filling has been perfected to join the retailer’s lunchtime offering.”

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