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We’re back with the final story from our friends, The Encryptids, who have come out of the woodwork to celebrate EFF’s summer membership drive! These creatures may be mysterious, but your digital rights shouldn’t be.

We all know technology can be transformative. In today’s post, the multifaceted and multitalented Wolfgang Von Lycanz illustrates how the internet can amplify the best parts of us…

-Aaron Jue
EFF Membership Team



ou contain multitudes. My boss knows me as Wolfgang, the mild-mannered insurance actuary. This is true. But on the internet, I am a radical environmentalist. I am a passionate moombahton DJ. I am a scholar of medieval Slavic history. I am a celebrated author of Doctor Who fanfiction. I am a friend to people I have never met in person. Online, each geeky part of me blossoms in its own meadow, and I find community with people who understand. This is the internet at its best: a place to be creative, learn without fear, and explore the different aspects of our identities freely.

This is the internet at its best: a place to be creative, learn without fear, and explore the different aspects of our identities freely.

I recall when Facebook and Google decided that using your government name was the key to civility online. Of course, they ignored what would happen to the dissidents who fight dictators, people evading their abusers, queer teens, and even performers. In fact, it took a gaggle of famous drag queens to show Facebook that the name on your driver’s license isn’t the right one all the time. Sparkle party, indeed! Yet lawmakers did not learn that lesson; to this day, EFF is in Congress and in court to stop laws that would require personal identification to use the web.

Your privacy, your creativity, and the kaleidoscope of curiosity in your heart are the reasons why EFF defends your freedoms. For all the problems with technology, EFF understands that magical transformations still happen when you prioritize human rights and respect for the users.

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I believe in EFF’s mission to ensure that technology supports freedom, justice, and innovation for all people of the world; its members are the key to getting there. I support EFF with every part of me, and I hope you will donate to support internet freedom for all of us.

For the wild and woolly web,

Wolfgang Von Lycanz
a.k.a DJ Moombeamz
a.k.a. dalekcious42  
a.k.a. dnԀ-oʌosoʞ


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