Caffeinated Organic Snack Products : That’s It products

These new That’s It products have been announced as a series of organic options focused on coffee as an ingredient to help consumers satisfy their hunger in a decidedly energy-boosting way. The Products include the Organic Energy Coffee Mini Bars and Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles, which are both crafted with high-quality coffee ingredients. The Organic Energy Coffee Mini Bars come in Mocha and Vanilla flavors, and have the same amount of caffeine as a cup of coffee, while the Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles have the same caffeine as an espresso shot.

Founder and CEO Lior Lewensztain spoke on the new That’s It products saying, “We wanted to create a snackable coffee solution that not only tastes great but also aligns with our commitment to simplicity and minimal ingredients. Our Organic Energy Coffee Mini Bars and Dark Chocolate Espresso Truffles deliver on both fronts. We are thrilled to be launching these products with Thrive Market because we share their mission of making healthy living easy.”

Image Credit: That’s It

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