Business-Friendly NFT Tools : salesforce

Salesforce Inc. has officially launched Web3 branded nonfungible tokens for brands to embrace Web3 capabilities and create their own loyalty programs. Salesforce Web3 helps organizations create and manage nonfungible tokens in a reliable, scalable, and sustainable manner by giving them access to the power of blockchain technology. By linking these new digital assets to the company’s CRM platform, their acquisition and usage can be monitored and connected to sales.

Salesforce’s NFT Management considers safety and ethics when engaging with Web3 technology, assuring that digital collectibles created and maintained in Salesforce Web3 are audited and safeguarded. Also, the business will exclusively use energy-efficient proof-of-stake blockchains, emitting 99% fewer emissions than proof-of-work ones.

Mattel has already utilized Salesforce’s NFT Management system to launch digital collectibles.

Image Credit: Salesforce

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