British Industrial Amplifiers : ultima integrated

Chord Electronics has announced the new Ultima Integrated stereo amplifier. This 125-watt amplifier, unveiled at High End, Munich, represents the latest innovation from Chord Electronics’ founder and chief engineer, John Franks.

Boasting dual-feed-forward error-correction topology, the Ultima Integrated incorporates cutting-edge low-distortion power supplies for low noise and exceptional performance. With a sleek industrial aesthetic, the British-designed and manufactured amplifier features four inputs: one fully balanced and three unbalanced, each with individual buffering and selective filtering against radio frequency interference.

The Ultima Integrated also includes an AV bypass input and a balanced preamp output, catering to audiophiles seeking high-quality sound reproduction. Interested consumers can purchase the new Ultima Integrated at select retailers for approximately $10,650 (£8500).

Image Credit: Chord Electronics

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