Botanical Cocktail-Like Refreshments : OPTIMIST Cali Spritz

The OPTIMIST Cali Spritz is a new ready-to-drink (RTD) refreshment from the Los Angeles-based brand that’s crafted with flavor and quality in mind that’s perfect for enjoyment in place of traditional canned cocktails.

The drink is crafted with the brand’s Cali Amaro spirit that has no alcohol and is paired with organic botanicals to give it a fresh, herbaceous flavor profile. The canned cocktail is reported to be inspired by the sunshine and citrus trees of LA with a touch of bitterness as a nod to the traffic. The drink is certified organic, free from both alcohol and refined sugar, and is available directly from the brand and from select retailers for $22 per four-pack.

Co-Founder and Brand Lead Lisa Farr Johnstone spoke on the OPTIMIST Cali Spritz saying, “Our ready-to-drink collection riffs on the most popular non-alcoholic cocktails we’ve developed in-house and with our on-premises partners over the years. Our community has consistently asked us to mix drinks for them, creating the perfect catalyst for us to enter the category. The Cali Spritz is the first of four, and with it, we’re excited to meet people wherever they are in their sipping journey.”

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