BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept


BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept unveiled in Silicon Valley, to celebrate 25 years BMW Group Technology Office USA.

The BMW Group Technology Office USA, situated in Silicon Valley, is marking its 25th anniversary. The celebration, held at Levi’s Stadium on December 7, 2023, will feature workshops, exclusive tech demos, and immersive driving experiences. The event’s highlights include the North American debut of the BMW Vision Neue Klasse design concept.

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept

BMW Group Member of the Board of Management, Development, Frank Weber, said:

“Cutting-edge technological ideas with a lot of potential, developed in the world’s beating heart of high-tech, and perfected in our worldwide innovation network. This is how our BMW Tech Office in Mountain View works. I am very excited to see what visionary impulses for our ground-breaking innovations our team will keep on creating in the future.”

BMW Vision Neue Klasse Concept

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