Bicentennial of U.S.-Brazil Bilateral Relations


Today, the United States and Brazil mark 200 years of diplomatic relations between our countries.  On May 26, 1824, U.S. President James Monroe received Brazilian Chargé d’Affaires José Silvestre Rebello in Washington, D.C.  With this welcome, the United States recognized Brazil’s independence and established our now 200-year partnership.  We joined together as allies in World War II, when U.S. and Brazilian forces fought side-by-side in the Italian Campaign, demonstrating courage and sacrifice that contributed to our shared victory.

Our cooperation remains vital to the prosperity of our peoples and generates benefits far beyond our countries’ borders.  The United Stares and Brazil are charting new paths for economic cooperation that respect the importance of the environment, clean energy, and sustainable development to our collective futures.  Together, we promote the well-being of our peoples by ensuring the fair treatment of workers and by strengthening economic ties that create jobs.  As we move into the next century of partnership, the United States is committed to continuing to work with Brazil to advance the continued peace and prosperity on which our democracies depend.

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