Best Super Bowl LVII matchups Chiefs-49ers Cowboys or Buccaneers


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Everything about this game sounds like fun. Lamar Jackson (pictured), Jalen Hurts, two hard-hitting defenses — it doesn’t get much better. Of course, both players will need to be healthy, and since they haven’t been lately, it’s hard to imagine this game happening this year. This one is a fantasy matchup, and it would likely look like a video game despite the defenses.

Everyone would expect a high-scoring game, and we’d probably get that in the first-ever Super Bowl matchup of two Black QBs. Multiple Black QBs have made it to the big dance, and three have won it — Doug Williams, Russell Wilson, and Patrick Mahomes. But we’ve never had two Black signal-callers square off against each other in the big game. Even if it doesn’t happen this year, it could happen very soon.

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