Belgian Urban E-Bikes : urbx

The Ridley Urbx e-bike is engineered to cater to the needs of modern city dwellers who prioritize efficient and effortless navigation through urban landscapes. The Urbx is characterized by its lightweight design, which, coupled with the ease of riding, positions it as an optimal choice for daily commuting or casual city tours. The integration of a Bafang motor ensures that riders have adequate power to tackle inclines and maintain a steady pace on level terrain. This e-bike stands out with its hydro aluminum frame and sleek carbon fork, promising durability and a smooth riding experience. Additionally, the Urbx is equipped with integrated front and rear lights, enhancing visibility in low-light conditions, and features integrated cables that contribute to its clean aesthetic.

Each Urbx e-bike is accompanied by a 5-year warranty upon registration, underscoring the brand’s confidence in its product. The e-bike is available in different configurations, including the Urbx Mixte model, which comes with a Shimano Deore 1×10 groupset and a 360 Wh battery capable of delivering up to 90 km of range on a single charge. The Urbx Mixte also boasts a hydro aluminum frame, carbon fork, and a Bafang G310 250W motor, which collectively provide a robust and responsive riding experience. The bike’s design is complemented by integrated lighting and cables, a matte or glossy finish, and a selection of sizes to accommodate various rider preferences.

Image Credit: Ridley

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