Bank Leumi’s service revolution continues with WhatsApp access


Bank Leumi announced Thursday another step in its service revolution. In a precedent-setting step in the Israeli banking system, the bank’s customers – both private and business –  will receive the personal phone number of the manager or manager of the branch where their account is managed, and can contact them directly via WhatsApp for service.

In the coming days, each branch manager will send a personal message to their customers, providing their phone number. In addition, a dedicated website will be uploaded with a list of dozens of branch managers throughout the country with their personal WhatsApp numbers so that each customer can easily locate their manager.

Bank Leumi’s commitment to the customers

In the past year, the bank launched a series of unique initiatives, including a commitment to complete the handling of each customer’s inquiry within a maximum of one business day; the establishment of the “CEO Patrol,” a special service team that reports directly to the Bank’s CEO, Hanan Friedman, and is responsible for providing a solution to customer inquiries that have not been handled within one day; significant expansion of the hours of operation of the service centers – from 6:30 to 23:00; the opening of service centers on Saturday night, from one hour after the end of Shabbat until 23:00; personal banking service on all service platforms (phone, branch, application and Zoom); “Zoom banking,” “Zoom mortgage” service and more.

Eyal Ben-Haim, head of Leumi’s banking division, said: “We have committed to being the most convenient bank in Israel in service, and we are fulfilling this promise. Over the past year, we have been doing intensive work at the bank to make complex banking services accessible and simplified, so that each customer will receive personal service through the communication channel that is convenient for them. Recently, the Bank of Israel published a special report that shows that our service revolution is yielding the desired results. Alongside the unique service we are launching today, we will continue to initiate more groundbreaking service initiatives for our customers.”

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