Award-Winning Fundraising Platforms : award-winning fundraising platform

Pledge stands out as an award-winning fundraising platform and its services are utilized by numerous companies, nonprofits, and individuals globally that wish to champion causes close to their hearts.

Boasting the world’s largest nonprofit database with over two million verified organizations, Pledge seamlessly processes donations from 130+ countries. Something that sets the award-winning fundraising platform apart from its competitors is that it offers a free-of-charge service devoid of startup fees, contracts, or subscriptions. Pledge even has a unique initiative that sees the company covering credit fees on donations under $1,000. This ensures that 100% of these contributions directly benefit nonprofits.

The platform’s commitment to innovative fundraising technology empowers users to make a positive impact on causes they’re passionate about, fostering support for communities worldwide. With $112,776,965 raised for thousands of nonprofits and an ongoing commitment to global impact, Pledge continues to play a significant role in facilitating meaningful contributions.

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