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B’laster Holdings has unveiled an exciting expansion of its renowned B’laster brand into the refrigerants category, introducing a comprehensive lineup of products tailored to service and maintain automotive air conditioning (A/C) systems using both R-134a and R-1234yf refrigerants.

Among the key features of the new lineup are advanced capabilities to accurately determine when A/C recharging is complete, ensuring precise and efficient maintenance procedures. Additionally, the products are equipped to address micro leaks, a common issue in A/C systems.

“B’laster has created some of the best automotive care products in the market since 1957,” said Marketing & Product Manager, Morgan Pollen. “With decades of experience to build on, we’re excited about the new technology we’ve developed and incorporated into the B’laster A/C product line. We pride ourselves on being innovative and offering products that both professionals and DIYers can use.”

Image Credit: B’laster Holdings

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