Aurora’s ground effect Liberty Lifter X-Plane


Aurora Flight Sciences

Aurora’s ground effect Liberty Lifter X-Plane is moving forward in Phase 1B of the program by DARPA.

This program by Aurora Flight Sciences, part of Boeing, for the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) aims to create an affordable X-plane capable of groundbreaking heavy-air lift from the sea. This phase focuses on the preliminary design with a major emphasis on testing to reduce risks.

ReconCraft, a shipyard in Oregon and a key member of the Aurora team is contributing expertise in maritime manufacturing methods. They will be responsible for constructing full-scale structural test articles, including a section of the fuselage. This process helps mitigate risks and ensures quality, especially since the team is working with innovative materials and unique design features.

Aurora’s ground effect Liberty Lifter X-Plane Aurora Flight Sciences

As part of risk reduction, the Aurora team has already tested a scale model of the hull in Virginia Tech’s tow tank to study the craft’s behavior during landing.

The upcoming tests include incorporating sensors and software for wave detection and prediction and enhancing the X-plane’s advanced control system to navigate in ground effect over challenging sea conditions safely.

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