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LG believes that diverse inclusive perspectives can lead to better innovation. LG NOVA, LG’s new innovation center based in Silicon Valley, is looking to partner with innovative startups and entrepreneurs. With its global reach and infrastructure, LG believes it is in an ideal position to help these ideas succeed for the betterment of people, communities, and the planet. The LG NOVA Mission for the Future 2022 is a global startup engagement program for startups and entrepreneurs to propose their ideas to LG.

Discover the LG NOVA Mission for the Future 2022 Open Innovation Program

The LG NOVA team and the Mission for the Future program have been set up to offer resources to nurture and grow businesses with startups. These resources include the opportunity for grant funding to explore pilots and proofs-of-concept (POCs) and/or equity investments where relevant.

Key Focus Areas of Mission for the Future 2022

LG NOVA’s Mission for the Future is seeking new and innovative solutions in six key areas that improve the quality of life for people, communities, and the planet:

  • Digital Health: Transforming the concept of health and wellness.
  • Metaverse & Gaming: Building immersive, boundless experiences for all.
  • ESG & Electric Mobility: Accelerating the growth of sustainability.
  • Display Solutions: Changing lifestyle of people and community.
  • Smart Lifestyle: Exploring new innovations for better living.
  • Open Innovation: Discovering new ideas that will help create the future.

Mission for the Future Benefits & Opportunities

Startups selected to advance in this program will enter an incubation and commercial acceleration program with the LG NOVA team to further test and explore business ideas. These companies may also be eligible for the following benefits:

  • Collaborate with LG for potential opportunities to develop multi-million-dollar engagements as new businesses within LG’s global innovation portfolio.
  • Receive grant funding of up to USD 100 000 for pilots, proofs of concept (POCs), or development.
  • Receive resources and potential investments from LG Electronics, LG Display, and other LG NOVA affiliates that could total in millions of dollars.

Important Dates & Program Timeline

The deadline to submit your proposal is October 20thapply now!

  • Mid-October to December: Evaluations and Selection process. LG NOVA may invite companies to come to pitch their idea to the LG team and work with EIRs.
  • January 2023 Onwards: Proposal idea/pilot formation process with LG NOVA Incubation team. The engagement process continues.

Selected companies will enter into a six- to nine-month collaborative process with LG. This will be a time for evaluation, testing, and piloting. Up to 10 companies will be selected as the finalists.

Are You Eligible for LG NOVA Mission for the Future?

The Mission for the Future 2022 is open to all types of applicants, including:

  • Companies of any size
  • Academic Researchers
  • Research Institutions
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Inventors

Teams and collaborative groups of one or more individuals or companies can also apply.

Why Work with LG NOVA?

LG NOVA’s Entrepreneurs-in-Residence are well-versed in what is required to take a business from startup to scale-up and beyond. They are motivated to develop market fit, advance product customer testing, align resources, find capital, facilitate introductions and expand application ideas to help startups succeed. Further, LG NOVA benefits from its strong network of corporate partners, public and private organizations, advisors, and industry leaders who are ready to build a better future.

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