Anticipating aliyah rise, BMBY launches virtual Israeli real estate expo


In the wake of a disturbing surge in antisemitic incidents worldwide, an Israeli technology company is taking an innovative approach to address the concerns of Jewish and Israeli communities. BMBY, an Israeli tech firm, is set to launch a 30-day virtual property fair starting on November 15, offering over 22,000 apartments, properties, and homes in Israel.

As Israel faces a challenging period in its modern history with the ongoing conflict in Gaza, the global Jewish and Israeli population has witnessed a staggering 1180% increase in antisemitic incidents and crimes. The Anti-Defamation League’s data reveals a particularly alarming situation in the US, with a 388% spike in antisemitic incidents compared to the same period last year. The United Kingdom and France have also experienced heightened levels of antisemitism.

A rise in immigration to Israel

Anticipating a continued rise in antisemitic attacks in the coming months, the Israeli government expects a surge in the number of Israelis and Jews considering immigration to Israel or securing property as a fallback option. This week, Aliyah and Integration Minister Ofir Sofer predicted a significant increase in immigration inquiries, stating, “With the beginning of the war in the Gaza Strip, a particularly severe wave of antisemitic incidents spread throughout the world. Following the dramatic increase in the cases in question around the world, we are seeing an increase in requests for immigration to Israel by many Jews.”

The ongoing war is expected to reduce the construction of housing units in Israel, exacerbating the existing shortage of about 200,000 apartments. Experts anticipate a rise in property values post-war due to increased demand against a backdrop of low supply.

Against this backdrop, BMBY aims to provide a solution by facilitating property purchases in Israel through its virtual property fair. The company recognizes the economic impact of the construction industry on Israel’s growth and GDP, with each home purchase supporting approximately 1,000 families in the construction sector and related industries.

“Every Jew in the world needs a home in Israel.”

Mark Zeev

Mark Zeevi, CEO and founder of BMBY, emphasized that the event will feature over 250 projects from leading, bank-backed, licensed, and bonded real estate developers. “Every Jew in the world needs a home in Israel,” he said, highlighting the growing trend driven by the increase in global antisemitism.

“Every Jew in the world needs a home in Israel.” Mark Zeevi, CEO and founder of BMBY (credit: AVI TAL)

The virtual property fair will offer prospective buyers a range of features, including virtual tours, detailed information about surroundings, and sessions for non-residents covering legal, funding, investment, taxation, and regulation in Israel. BMBY has negotiated an unprecedented benefits package for participants, including professional mortgage advice, personal tax advice, and a 36-month interest-free purchase tax installment plan.

Buyers can reserve a property during the fair and complete the purchase after the war, providing a strategic investment opportunity during a critical period in Israel’s history.

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