Analyst says Bengals are ‘the best team in the AFC’


The Bengals are still ranked third-favorite in the odds to win the AFC behind the Bills and Chiefs. Sports analyst Emmanuel Acho believes it’s time to give them the respect they deserve.

“I think it is time we address the Cincinnati Bengals as the best team in the AFC,” Acho said on Fox Sports’ “Speak For Yourself.”

You can make an argument for the Bills to be ahead of the Bengals for now. However, Cincinnati defeated the Chiefs in Week 13 and Burrow is now 3-0 vs. QB Patrick Mahomes all-time.

“They were the best team in the AFC last year. So if all things are equal, we should assume they to be the best team in the AFC this year,” Acho added. “They’ve won six straight. They’re 10-4. Their quarterback is slightly worse than the best of quarterbacks or just as good as the next tier of quarterbacks.”

The Bengals are one of the hottest teams in the NFL. They sit atop the AFC North with the Bills (11-3) on their schedule for a Week 17 showdown of what could be for the No. 1 seed.

“Not only are the Bengals the hottest team in the AFC right now,” Acho finished. “I would go as far to say they are the best.”

If Cincinnati can find a way to defeat the Bills in a couple of weeks, they may just leapfrog them and the Chiefs as the odds favorite after sitting in their shadows all season long.

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