Adult Medical Nutrition Products : Danone Fortimel Balanced

Danone Fortimel Balanced has been created with the Chinese market in mind to help support aging adults and help them to enjoy better nutrition in a simple way. The product is specially formulated with Chinese nutrition needs in mind and has been developed through scientific research done in China to ensure it responds accordingly to patient requirements. The product comes in Red Date & Goji Berry and Milk flavors, which are both being launched this month to help patients avoid the risk of malnutrition once they have been discharged from hospital.

President China, North Asia and Oceania Bruno Chevot spoke on the Danone Fortimel Balanced nutritional supplement saying, “The launch of Fortimel Balanced is another milestone on Danone’s ‘Innovated in China, Made in China’ journey. The product leverages Danone’s cutting-edge science and research capability to cater to the nutritional needs of Chinese patients. It marks a solid step into the aFSMP market in China and helps Danone to further grow its portfolio covering the full life spectrum.”

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