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The future of transportation is electric. E-mobility – the electrification of a vehicle’s drivetrain – is transforming the way people and goods move from place to place, and automakers are re-writing their strategies to meet market demand for EVs. TE Connectivity (TE) has been at the forefront of the e-mobility transformation since its inception more than two decades ago, building on its position as the clear-cut expert in electrical interface design for both passenger cars and commercial vehicles. TE has launched its “Power Up with E-mobility” startup challenge in this context. Learn more about the selection of finalists, pitch events, and criteria for winning.

Criteria for Selecting the Six Finalists of “Power Up with E-mobility”

To be considered in TE’s “Power Up With E-Mobility” challenge, you must submit your application by November 4th, 2022.

During the month of November, the applications will be screened by an expert panel that consists of TE subject matter experts from the E-Mobility team as well as global representatives from business and technology functions.

Based on the following criteria, the six finalists will be selected:

  • Uniqueness and creativity: the level of innovation in the proposed technology, product, and/or service and whether it represents a significant step forward in technology;
  • Technology readiness level;
  • Added value, potential, and customer benefit (e.g. usability, practical relevance), and
  • Business model: the capability of the entrant to support the development of the proposed technology, product, or service.

Exclusive Pitching Event & Collaboration Session with TE Engineers

Tuesday, December 6th: The six finalists will be invited to a TE internal pitch event which will take place as a virtual online meeting. The finalists will have the opportunity to highlight their technologies in a 10-minute pitch followed by a 5-minute Q&A with the audience. The audience will consist of senior TE representatives from various functions, including product management, strategy, engineering, manufacturing, marketing, and mergers & acquisitions, among others, as well as TE’s expert automotive engineers.

After the pitch event, each finalist will be matched with three or four pre-selected TE engineers. The goal is to jointly think of a good use case to apply your technology to, such as a new or improved product, process, or service for TE. By interacting with TE’s engineers, you’ll be able to fine-tune your solution to TE’s business, for instance, by enhancing a product or addressing a problem.

Wednesday, December 7th: Once you are matched with TE engineers, you can start the brainstorming session right away. You decide with the TE engineers when (based on location/availability/time zones, etc.) to get together to discuss use cases, refine your ideas, and prepare a pitch presentation for your proposal of choice.

Final Day Sessions & Selection of the Winner of “Power Up with E-mobility”

Thursday, December 8th: Your proposal will be presented in a second pitch event. The format and the audience will be the same as for the first pitch event. During this second pitch event, presentations will be judged in real time by the panel of judges, and shortly afterward, the final winner will be announced. The winning criteria will be the same as used for the first selection (see above) to choose one final winner for the USD 30 000 equity-free, no strings attached cash prize.

TE provides Benefits & Opportunities for All Six Finalists

Although only one winner will be chosen for the cash prize, opportunities to engage with TE in subsequent PoCs or pilot programs are available to all six finalists. All finalists, with a special mention of the winning team, will be included in a TE press release to highlight the results of this open innovation challenge.

The pitch events and the collaboration phase with TE engineering, however, are also opportunities for you to win because they will provide you with exposure to senior representatives and experts, and your chance to promote your solution. The second pitch gives you a second chance to present a convincing case so that TE could potentially collaborate with you further. After your discussions with TE’s engineers, you’ll also have a tailored, more attractive offering to get people interested in a proof-of-concept or pilot program with you.

This is a unique opportunity so don’t wait or hesitate – click here to apply today!




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