A new Supercomputer aims to mimic the Human Brain


A new Supercomputer aims to mimic the Human Brain

A new Supercomputer using specialized hardware, mimics vast networks of spiking neurons, achieving an impressive 228 trillion synaptic operations per second, equivalent to the estimated operation rate of the human brain.

Scientists at the International Centre for Neuromorphic Systems (ICNS) at Western Sydney University have unveiled the world’s inaugural supercomputer capable of simulating networks at the human brain’s scale.

Dubbed DeepSouth, this groundbreaking technology employs a neuromorphic system that replicates biological processes.

Professor André van Schaik, the Director of ICNS, emphasizes that what sets DeepSouth apart from its counterparts is its tailored design to function like neural networks. This unique approach not only consumes less power but also enhances operational efficiencies, diverging from the power-hungry nature of supercomputers optimized for conventional computing tasks.

Professor van Schaik explains:

“Progress in our understanding of how brains compute using neurons is hampered by our inability to simulate brain like networks at scale. Simulating spiking neural networks on standard computers using Graphics Processing Units (GPUs) and multicore Central Processing Units (CPUs) is just too slow and power intensive. Our system will change that.”

“This platform will progress our understanding of the brain and develop brain-scale computing applications in diverse fields including sensing, biomedical, robotics, space, and large-scale AI applications.”

Image credit Western Sydney University

source Western Sydney University


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