8 Easter Eggs That Revealed Who Died In “White Lotus”


The White Lotus Season 2 just ended, and we FINALLY found out who died!

Obviously, don’t go any further if you haven’t seen the episode.

But if you have, then I have eight super-obvious hints that *that person* was going to die all along.

First off, let’s get it out of the way. This is who dies:

The gays (kind of) got her.

OK, so now, let’s get into all the clues…


Let’s start way back in Episode 1 when Tanya was getting off the boat.

HBO / Via Twitter: @seeshannon

Right from the get-go, Tanya had a hard time getting off that boat.

Which, like, looking back now…RED FLAG!


Then there’s the *pretty obvious* hint that Tanya was wearing the same dress as The Godfather mannequin.

I just learned on tiktok that Tanya is wearing the same dress as The Godfather mannequin in the finale and now I fear the worst 😩

#whitelotus2 #WhiteLotus

HBO / Via Twitter: @onomyco


Then there was the time Tanya and Greg were going for a scooter ride.

When Tanya asks Valentina who she is, Valentina says Peppa Pig.

Tanya corrects her and says she’s Monica Vitti.

And Valentina says that Monica Vitti is dead.


Then there was the time during the first episode when Tanya pushed Greg off of her while they were having sex.

Rewatched Ep 1 of #whitelotushbo for clues into tonite’s episode + Tanya shoving Greg away during sex seems to be a premonition that Greg and the glam gays are out to get her! Reinforces the fan theory that Greg is Quentin’s cowboy + they’re in cahoots to off her for her $$$ 😳

Twitter: @AliFenwick

Tanya said she was disassociating and seeing all these faces of men with “very effeminate” hairstyles.

“And then I saw you, and your eyes were like shark eyes. I was completely dead — just, like, dead,” she said.


Another fairly obvious hint was the fact that Tanya went to see the opera Madama Butterfly.

omg tanya went to go see madama butterfly, an opera in which the main character kills herself at the end and tanya well…… #TheWhiteLotus

Twitter: @chernobyldenier

In the opera, the main character kills herself in the end.

there was so much foreshadowing in The White Lotus, the scene where Tanya was watching the opera, THE ABRAHAM LINCOLN REFERENCE, SHE WAS REFERRED TO AS MADAME BUTTERFLY, MONICA VITTI. this is actually the first show in a long time that i’ve watched and enjoyed

Twitter: @raihau_milz


Another hint happened when Tanya looked at this painting of Lucretia in Palermo. Lucretia was a Roman woman who killed herself.

There appears to be a woman falling into the water from a boat.


And lastly, that whole fortune teller scene.

The fortune teller told Tanya that her husband was in love with someone else…

…and also being deceitful.

Then she started speaking rapidly in Italian.

According to r/TheWhite LotusHBO, the fortune teller was saying in Italian, “The madness will lead her to suicide.”

That reading was obviously VERY negative.

And they even showed this statue, which was subtitled, *Ominous music playing.*

So, there you have it! The clues were all around. Can’t wait for Season 3!

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