50 Gifts for Tabletop Game Fans

Despite the rise of advanced entertainment technologies such as VR and AR, traditional tabletop gaming remains a prevalent field of entertainment for many. This list includes gift ideas for tabletop game fans, with the included examples spanning multiple genres of board games, chess games, and more.

The Squishmallows Take 4 tabletop card game is a modern collaborative release from KellyToys and Elliot Tebele, the creator of ‘What Do You Meme?’ This board game challenges players to secure one full squad of four Squishmallows in order to win. The game includes 84 Squishmallow cards and one exclusive Squishmallow plushy. Given the recent explosion in popularity of the Squishmallow plushy lineup, this is sure to be a popular tabletop game this holiday season.

Monopoly Scrabble by ‘Winning Moves Games’ is a modern mash-up take on two of the oldest and most iconic board games available. This game blends the word creating aspects of Scrabble with the economy and tile-based gameplay of Monopoly. In this game, players add letters to create words, with each corresponding with a number of points. The points enable movement on the Monopoly aspect of the game, adding further depth to the genre.

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