12 gift ideas for coffee lovers this holiday season


Part of the appeal of going out for coffee is the luxury that goes into your $6 latte. The Breville bambino packs that barista-level flavor into a five pound machine without sacrificing quality. The $499 price tag may sound hefty, but with a fast heat-up time, low pressure pre-infusion, and an attached microfoam milk frothing wand, you’ve not only saved yourself time, but also Starbucks money. 

Aside from looking like a professional, sleek addition to your kitchen counter, the Bambino not only saves you from a Starbucks run, but saves coffee pod waste, too. Using only 19 grams of ground coffee, there’s no need to worry about wasting multiple pods a day to fuel your coffee fix. The fast start up time also means it’s wasting less of your day and electricity as you don’t have to leave the Bambino plugged in overnight to power up. 

I will say, however, that there can be a bit of a learning curve if this is your first non-capsule coffee maker. Sealing the portafilter can be tricky at first, but be sure to take advantage of the leveling tool that comes with the machine, so that no coffee spills out. The automatic frothing settings, however, are fairly easy and don’t require as much guess work. 

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