12 fitness and exercise equipment gift ideas for 2022


  • Price: $100
  • Features: Wi-Fi capable | different modes | app compatible 

If someone on your list has recently embarked on a weight loss journey or just likes to be conscious of their weight, this is a great gift for them. This scale was picked by ZDNET as the best overall scale for its incredible features and price point. Once you step on the scale, the weight-in data is sent straight to your app via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, reducing the hassle of recording your numbers.

In addition to measuring your weight, it can also track your fat mass, BMI, muscle mass and body water. If you live in a busy household, no problem. The scale can differentiate between every user and keep the weight histories separate. Lastly, if you are planning on expanding your family, this weight has a pregnancy tracker and baby mode to track the newest member. 

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