Watchdogs raise ‘red flags’ with Commanders charity


The Washington Commanders continue to create negative press for the organization in 2022, and a new report claims a charity run by the franchise has a tax filing that is worth investigation by local governments.

While the football team has had a solid showing this season, the team’s ownership and the front office have been the source of bad press all year. Owner Daniel Snyder and executives for the team have been at the center of investigations from Congress and regional attorney generals over allegations of sexual misconduct and financial improprieties inside the organization.

It got so bad that, in the summer, there was speculation that other members of the NFL ownership fraternity might force Snyder out of his position. That was then followed by reports the Washington Commanders boss dug up dirt on his contemporaries in the event he was pushed out as the top decision-maker in the franchise.

Cooler heads prevailed, and Snyder recently started the process to eventually sell the team and end what has been a tumultuous period in Washington football history. However, it seems there is a new installment to the bad press machine the organization has become over the last year.

Washington Commanders Charitable Foundation accused of questionable financial dealings

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