Adaptive Button-Down Shirts : Brooks Brothers x MagnaReady

The Brooks Brothers x MagnaReady collection brings patented adaptive technology to America’s longest-established apparel brand, introducing the first-ever adaptive shirt to be released by Brooks Brothers. The Brooks Brothers iconic Button Down Collar Shirt is enhanced with MagnaReady’s patented adaptive technology with magnetized closures to simplify the experience of getting dressed.

Maura Horton, MagnaReady Inventor and Founder, says, “This collaboration was inspired years ago when the Museum of Modern Art curated an exhibit titled ‘Items: Is Fashion Modern?’ MagnaReady was displayed next to a Brooks Brothers shirt, as a modern take on a classic silhouette worn by countless celebrities, presidents, and notable personalities.”

The Brooks Brothers x MagnaReady offers all the features people have come to know and love, such as machine washability and a timeless fusion of comfort and classic style.

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